“The Goatique” . . . A Mother/Daughter ‘ad’Venture

We live on opposite sides of the country, my daughter and I and, while we like many of the same things, we each  bring different perspectives to this venture.  I am the chief product maker and live in the southwest US, where the dry heat is hard on skin. My daughter, who handles the technical side of things, lives on a small farm in the Midwest, where the cold, dry winters take a toll on both body and soul. As we began this ‘ad’venture in 2007, we saw a need for not only natural, but affordable body products. Soap that was good for your skin….that didn’t have additives….that wasn’t altered to feel different. Creams…..with no preservatives.  Lip balm…that contains less wax. 

Since the public is becoming more aware of the products that they, not only put into their bodies, but on them as well, we have, over the years,  developed our line of Goat’s Milk Soap and Natural Bath and Body Products and any ‘additives’ that are on the label, are all natural. Our Whipped Body Cream and Whipped Foot Cream do not contain Goat’s Milk….why? We don’t add preservatives, therefore they need to be kept in the fridge. Our Lip Balm is made with goats butter and  beeswax and isn’t thick and heavy, but smooth and light on your lips.

The ingredients we use in our products come from reputable suppliers. These companies sell in large quantities to ‘soapers’ all over the world and purchase their supplies direct from the manufacturer.  When we began our business, we were able to use goats milk direct from my daughter’s farm, shipped to me, frozen, but our sources have since dwindled, so we now purchase goats milk from a local farm. 

Since we are a small, home based business, we have a designated area in which we manufacture and store our products. We manufacture in small quantities that insure you receive a ‘fresh’ product and, remaining small helps us to sell our products at affordable prices.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.